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CPU Repair

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MovilOne Phone Repair

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Lessons | 2

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5 Reviews

Pinjari Babu

Cpu 2024-07-13

Bitaa Ali

Nice Course in repairing Phone Cpu 2024-07-10

Mohammed Nemathulla Shariff

wonderful 2024-07-08

Ayub Mohamed Hassan

Am very happy to be part of your thanks 2024-07-02

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Free CPU Repair tutorial, CPU Repair Course: Delve into the intricate world of CPU repair. Explore troubleshooting techniques, diagnostic tools, and common CPU issues. Learn about socket compatibility, thermal management, and voltage regulation. Develop skills in identifying faulty components, replacing thermal paste, and troubleshooting overheating problems. Through hands-on training and practical exercises, gain the expertise to diagnose and repair CPU-related issues. Whether you're an aspiring technician or computer enthusiast, this course equips you with the knowledge to tackle CPU repair challenges and optimize the performance of computer systems. Note: Opening and repairing CPUs can void warranties and should be done cautiously and responsibly. MovilOne Phone Repair