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Ease of entering data and also modifying it simply And also create more than one resume with different data
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More important than the resume is how to create it correctly, so we offer you a set of important tips
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Important tips for creating a successful (CV)

Is it better to use an online tool or create your resume manually ?
On the Internet, there are many programs and online sites that can really help you write a resume, and provide you with ready-made templates. You only have to choose the appropriate template for you and fill in the information in it. The existence of such sites is a very nice thing, because it helps you to present a wonderful CV, visually beautiful and in a useful summary, so that the manager in the company does not feel bored or lost while reading it.
Is the number of CV pages the more the better?
The quality of the resume is not the number of pages and lines But to be brief The CV items should be written as short as possible, as well as the use of short expressions, and the deletion of extra words that do not prejudice the required meaning.
Is it possible to be rejected because of linguistic integrity?
Without exaggeration, it is very important for the person who will be reading your resume to read it easily to ensure that it is 100% grammatically correct and does not contain any spelling errors. It is really difficult to accept a job when your resume contains grammatical or spelling errors. You must read it carefully before submitting it, making sure of the information contained therein from the job title or writing the company name incorrectly.
Create an account within the platform before you start recording the CV data so that you can modify and return again to your CV and in order to be able to control the appearance or hiding of the CV data