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Russian Pronunciation

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Eka Yanti Noersanti

Excellent teacher 2023-12-06

Dipayan Pradhan

very beautifu 2023-11-23

Anushka Arya

Anushka Singh 2023-11-17

faya joseph Kantambadou

really the course was up to par, really very good teachig 2023-11-13

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Free Russian Pronunciation tutorial, How do you say basic words in Russian? Essential Russian Phrases Yes – Да (da) No – Нет (nyet) Please – Пожалуйста (poZHAlusta) Thank you – Спасибо (spaSIbo) You're welcome. – Не за что. ( ne za chto) Enjoy (often used instead of "you're welcome" for food) – на здоровье (na zdaROVye) I'm sorry. – Прошу прощения. ( ... Excuse me. – Извините. (How do I learn Russian pronunciation? Simply place your fingers on your throat when pronouncing a Russian consonant, and if you feel your throat vibrating, you're pronouncing a voiced consonant, otherwise it's a voiceless consonant. Russian voiced consonants include: в, г, з, б, д and ж. Voiceless consonants include к, п, с, т, ф, х, ц, ч, ш and щ.How do you say hello in Russian pronunciation? Russian Greetings: 15 Ways to Say “Hello” in Russian Russian Greetings. ... “Hi” in Russian – Привет (privyet) ... “Hello” in Russian – Здравствуйте (zdravstvuyte) ... A More Affectionate “Hi” in Russian – Приветик (privyetik) ... “Good Morning” in Russian – Доброе утро (dobroye utro) ... “Good evening” in Russian – Добрый вечер (dobriy vecher).Is Russian hard to pronounce? Compared to English, Russian pronunciation is very easy because it follows simple rules. ... Russian consonants can be pronounced either as "soft" or "hard," creating extra soundsHow do you pronounce ю? It is a so-called iotated vowel, pronounced in isolation as /ju/, like the pronunciation of ⟨u⟩ in "human". After a consonant, no distinct [j] sound is pronounced, but the consonant is softened. The exact pronunciation of the vowel sound of ⟨ю⟩ in Russian depends also on the succeeding sound because of allophony.How does a Russian pronounce Moscow? First things first: In case you didn't know, Russians never call their capital city Moscow. For us, it is not the French Moscou or the German Moskau and none of the other European variations either. It's Moskva (Москва), with an emphasis on the second syllable