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Managerial Accounting

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nice course 2024-03-09

Abdullah Qureshi

I am giving review of first video. EXCELLENT EXPLAINATION VERY LAYMAN, NO TECHNICAL JARGON. 2024-02-17

Bridgit Mwende

great 2024-02-14

Chandan Rauniyar

Great 2024-02-02

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Free Managerial Accounting tutorial, The main objective of managerial accounting is to assist the management of a company in efficiently performing its functions: planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. Management accounting helps with these functions in the following ways: 1. Provides data: It serves as a vital source of data for planning.Managerial accountants work within companies and organizations to direct internal financial processes; monitor costs, sales, spending and budgets; conduct audits; identify past trends and predict future needs; and assist company leaders with financial decisions.Finally, managerial accounting information often takes the form of nonfinancial measures. For example, Sportswear Company might measure the percentage of defective products produced or the percentage of on-time deliveries to customers. This kind of nonfinancial information comes from the managerial accounting function.Who uses Managerial Accounting? According to Accounting in Focus, managerial accounting is used in businesses such as merchandising, manufacturing and service industries, but it goes beyond these industries. Any companies that need to plan, budget or analyze income reports should use managerial accounting.Is Managerial Accounting hard? It's hard because you (or anyone who feels that it is hard) just simply hasn't done it in real life before. Managerial accounting is as simple, standard and logical as breathing to anyone who has started and/or run any level of large scale business. The beauty of managerial accounting is that it focuses on what works.What is the difference between managerial and financial accounting? Managerial accounting information is aimed at helping managers within the organization make well-informed business decisions, while financial accounting is aimed at providing financial information to parties outside the organization.Which is better CMA or CPA? Both of these exams cost a fortune, but the CMA certification cost considerably less. Also, with only two parts (vs. 4 parts in the CPA), it takes even less time to study and pass. If you want to get there faster, CMA allows you to take the exam even before you graduate.