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The Sharing Economy

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Denvihin Doris Ivase

Great 2023-11-13

Tudor Claudia

I learned so many new things! Thanks a lot! 2023-11-02

Mohamed Ahmed Hashi

I am thanking those who innovated this website and idea i get a lot of knowledge about this short course thank you all the time 2023-10-19

Kaparthika S

Thank you for this valuable course 2023-10-06

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Free The Sharing Economy tutorial, In capitalism, the sharing economy is a socio-economic system built around the sharing of resources. It often involves a way of purchasing goods and services that differs from the traditional business model of companies hiring employees to produce products to sell to consumers.What exactly is the sharing economy? What is the Sharing Economy? The sharing economy is an economic model defined as a peer-to-peer (P2P) based activity of acquiring, providing, or sharing access to goods and services that is often facilitated by a community-based on-line platform.What are some examples of the sharing economy? Examples of the Sharing Economy Peer-to-Peer Lending. ... Crowdfunding. ... Apartment/House Renting and Couchsurfing. ... Ridesharing and Carsharing. ... Coworking. ... Reselling and Trading. ... Knowledge and Talent-Sharing. ... Niche Services.Why is the sharing economy important? Significance of a Sharing Economy Sharing economies enable people and organizations to make money from underused resources. In a shared economy, unused assets such as parked vehicles and spare bedrooms can be leased out while not in service. Physical assets are thus exchanged as services.