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NestJS tutorial

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yonatan moges

it was a very well-organized and well-oriented course, I learned a lot from it! thanks! 2023-09-20

Sony Joy

excellent 2023-08-04

Muhammad Ashraf

well maintain platform . Thanks 2023-06-14

Muskan Rauniyar

Nice 2023-06-13

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Free NestJS tutorial tutorial, What is NestJS used for? NestJS is used for writing scalable, testable and loosely coupled applications. It brings scalable Node. js servers to a whole new level. It supports databases like PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL.How good is NestJS? Then, NestJS is a really well designed and even better-crafted framework. As it uses modern solutions and technologies, you have every right to expect the applications created with NestJS to be maintainable and long-lasting. And even though the framework is written in JavaScript, it isn't a cause of any limitations.How do I run a NestJS project? Running the application This command starts the app with the HTTP server listening on the port defined in the src/main. ts file. Once the application is running, open your browser and navigate to http://localhost:3000/ . You should see the Hello World!Should I learn NestJS? Express, or NestJS (Typescript) Express JS is the de-facto for the NodeJS, a web application framework built by TJ Holowaychuk. ... But if you can give more time and compatibility with typescript, I would strongly recommend using nestjs, as it comes with 'out-of-the-box' multiple supported integrations.