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Free The Passionate Career tutorial, What is career passion? Your passion for work can position you to achieve your career your goals quicker and not having it would make your career journey less fulfilling. ... Passion for work is the intense enthusiasm and excitement for what you do. It can be the difference between doing it and getting done well.How do I find a career that is passionate? How to find your career passion Look for high points in your day. Pay attention to what you spend your time and money on. Consider topics you love to teach or talk about with others. Think about your strengths. Take the elements apart. Explore career paths.Is passion important in a career? When you work at a job you're passionate about, you'll be able to focus more and get things done on time because those tasks don't feel like such a burden. When you're simply working for money, motivation is more difficult to find, which may lead to longer hours in order to get things done.What does it mean to be passionate about your job? Just like our personal relationships being passionate about work means accepting and understanding that we are going to have an intense attachment, and that means we won't be able to move on quickly, that means that we will be affected by our work and that it will affect how we feel about ourselves.