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Full Stack Vue js Express MongoDB

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Nice video content , but make it in more deeper 2024-03-15

Ishfaq Ghani

It's Good 2024-01-29

Divya A

Good 2023-12-12

Aakarsh Tiwari

Best Course 2023-12-03

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Free Full Stack Vue js Express MongoDB tutorial, MongoDB is almost 100 times faster than traditional database system like RDBMS, which is slower in comparison with the NoSQL databases. ... MongoDB supports deep query-ability i.e we can perform dynamic queries on documents using the document-based query language that's nearly as powerful as SQL Companies and development teams of all sizes use MongoDB because: The document data model is a powerful way to store and retrieve data that allows developers to move fast. MongoDB's horizontal, scale-out architecture can support huge volumes of both data and traffic. MySQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS) from the Oracle Corporation. ... MongoDB is a NoSQL database that stores data as JSON-like documents. Documents store related information together and use the MongoDB query language (MQL) for access. The company behind MongoDB At first, 10gen wanted to build an open-source platform as a service. ... While originally simply dubbed “p”, the database was officially named MongoDB, with “Mongo” being short for the word humongous. What are the disadvantages of MongoDB? Disadvantages of MongoDB MongoDB uses high memory for data storage. There is a limit for document size, i.e. 16mb. There is no transaction support in MongoDB. Is Vue JS dead? Vue excels at building small components rather than large complex SPA. So yes, you can say Vue is dead, but it'll always have a place in Laravel. High Performance of Built Applications Vue. js is fast. It's not the fastest framework in the hood, but what's currently available with Vue. js is plenty enough to deliver impeccable UX in SPAs as well as UIs. How To Use an API with Vue. js Create the Basic Skeleton Of a Web Application. Create the Basic Vue.js Component. Create the Stylesheet for the Vue Component. Add API call to Vue.js Component. Display API Data In Vue.js Component. Styling the Vue.js Component. The attention diverted just, but the Angular popularity is still not dying. The demand pie and development ecosystem React, eating up more might be. Despite React's rising fame, still Angular is going steady. Over 5 years periods as per the Google trends for Angular and React worldwide search