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Marian tapales

Very informative 2023-06-02

Siddhi vaidya

Please language Hindi Mai bhi karo 2023-06-01

Sunny Sanjay Shah

Content for course is properly detailed and thanks a lots. 2023-05-07

Danilo Santos

Great learning website. great help to my study , 2023-04-19

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Free Microeconomics tutorial, Microeconomics is a branch of economics that studies the behavior of individuals and firms in making decisions regarding the allocation of scarce resources and the interactions among these individuals and firms. ... Microeconomics shows conditions under which free markets lead to desirable allocations.What is microeconomics and examples? Microeconomics is the study of decisions made by people and businesses regarding the allocation of resources, and prices at which they trade goods and services. ... For example, microeconomics examines how a company could maximize its production and capacity so that it could lower prices and better compete.What are the 3 main concepts of microeconomics? Microeconomic concepts marginal utility and demand. diminishing returns and supply. elasticity of demand. elasticity of supply. market structures (excluding perfect competition and monopoly) role of prices and profits in determining resource allocation.