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Free Web Development Tutorials For Beginners tutorial, The 10 Best Web Development Tutorials for Beginners in 2021 So, you want to learn more about web development—and are even thinking about becoming a developer. Because the internet has so many resources, figuring out where to start can be an overwhelming task. While there are countless web development tutorials on here that promise to teach you different programming languages, being a coder requires more than being able to memorize and write syntax. It’s about learning to develop a certain mindset around identifying problems within the language, and solving them with code. From my experience as a CareerFoundry web development student, I find it helpful to learn with a variety of tutorials. If you’re a beginner, starting with the fundamentals of frontend development before moving on to other areas will give you a good idea of the basics before further building your knowledge from there. In my first two months of studying the web development program, I conducted some research and put together a list of the 10 best web development tutorials for beginners in 2021. Consisting of a range of different types of tutorials, the tutorials on this list will enable you to learn coding from various perspectives. Here’s what we’ll cover. If you want to skip ahead to a certain course, just use the clickable menu: CareerFoundry Coursera FreeCodeCamp Codecademy Web Dev Simplified LearnCode.academy Codepip Web Documentation Google Chrome DevTools Web Design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery Set Let’s get started! 1. CareerFoundry In this new and updated 5-day tutorial created by CareerFoundry’s talented programmers and curriculum experts, you’ll learn all about becoming a web developer–from the day-to-day responsibilities you can expect on the job, to the skills you’ll need to succeed in such a role. It goes into the basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript, along with practical exercises and daily challenges. This is a free introductory course made up of several web development tutorials, and it’s a great place to start if you want to find out whether or not programming is something you can see yourself doing. Web development for beginners tutorials from CareerFoundry To give you more of a taste of what to expect from this nano coding bootcamp, in this video one of our in-house programmers Abhi gets you started off: For those of you who already are somewhat familiar with the basics of web development, CareerFoundry also offers a comprehensive Full-Stack Web Development Program, which allows you to become an officially certified web developer upon successful completion. There are endless reasons why becoming proficient at coding the entire tech stack is beneficial to your career, chief among them the high full-stack developer salaries available. 2. Coursera Founded in 2012 by Stanford University Computer Science professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller, Coursera is an online learning platform offering university courses from top academic institutions. You can enrol in most courses for free, but you can also choose to get a degree or certificate by paying a tuition fee. While you don’t need any qualifications to become a web developer, some accreditation can be useful—just have a look at our guide to the top web developer certification courses to learn more. Coursera has several popular programming courses which last about four to ten weeks each. Once enrolled, you have access to a structured program with weekly exercises, video lectures, and a final project or exam. You can find a useful summary of popular Coursera programming courses for aspiring coders on this site. 3. FreeCodeCamp FreeCodeCamp was first launched in 2014, and is a non-profit organization that aims to help newbie programmers learn the necessary skills needed to succeed in the role. Their web development tutorials are super helpful for beginners as they dive right into the practical aspect of coding by making you write code from the start. A huge part of becoming a developer is about the repetitive practice of writing code. This is where FreeCodeCamp comes in handy: each topic is split into short lessons that give you the opportunity to solve a challenge with a specific code. Overview of the FreeCodeCamp homepage, showing its web development tutorials Another great thing about FreeCodeCamp is that you get the chance to participate in projects for other nonprofit organizations once you’ve completed the courses and practice levels. This is a huge plus when it comes to building out your web developer portfolio website. 4. Codeacademy Codeacademy was founded in 2011 and is one of the most famous platforms out there for learning code. Like Codecamp, their web development tutorials jump right into the practical aspect, with lessons that give you just the amount of information needed to finish a task and move on to the next one. You’ll access more and more information as the course progresses. The platform used to be free, but now offers free courses for the basic account for interactive lessons and daily practice and a paid pro account for those who want to dive deeper. Code academy homepage for aspiring web developers 5. Web Dev Simplified If you want to understand certain concepts better, and want to learn web development skills in a practical way by seeing live code happening on screen, Web Dev Simplified is a great additional resource for studying. This Youtube channel dives into advanced topics using the latest best practices for seasoned web developers, and you’ll learn all about the necessary tools and newest technologies of full stack development. 6. LearnCode.academy Another great Youtube channel is called LearnCode.academy. Created by software engineer Will Stern, it has several different playlists which cover a wide variety of topics for everyone from beginners to advanced learners. Featuring beginner tutorials and pro web development tools, LearnCode.academy is a great resource for keeping up with the latest trends in web development. I especially recommend this channel if you want to learn Javascript and learn about current professional tools.