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How to Draw Faces

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Free How to Draw Faces tutorial, How to Draw a Face from the Front - Step By Step We'll first discuss Loomis' approach, which is more complex, but more accurate. If you find that this approach is a bit difficult for you, you can skip to the simpler approach further down the page. Remember, either way, the goal is to create a convincing drawing of a face so either approach you take is fine. Step 1 - Draw a Circle and a Cross We'll first draw a circle with two intersecting lines that connect directly in the center. The circle represents the top portion of the head. We'll use the intersecting lines to determine the locations of the facial features. How to draw a faces - step - 1 - draw a circle and a cross Step 2 - Draw a Square within the Circle Next, we'll draw a square in which each corner touches the circle. This square will eventually represent the edges of the face. The top line will eventually become the bottom hairline. The bottom line will become the nose line, while the center line will become the brow line. How to draw a face - step - 2 - draw a squre within the circle Step 3 - Draw the Chin Now we'll measure the distance from the center line to the bottom line. You can use your pencil to do this. From the bottom line of the square, use this measurement to mark the location of the bottom of the chin. Then, draw the edges of the chin from each side of the square so that they connect at your marked location. How to draw a head - step - 3 - draw a squre within the circle Step 4 - Locate the Eyes Now we have the basic structure of the shape of the face in place. We'll next locate the eyes. We can use the height of the head to help us determine the location of the eyes on the face. The eyes are generally found on a line in the center of the head. The brow line is represented by the center line that we drew in step one. So we know that the eyes should be found just below this line, in the center of the head. We can draw a line here for the "eye line". Drawing faces - step - 4 - Locate the eyes Step 5 - Draw the Eyes Now that we know where our eyes are located on the face, we can draw them. There's another measurement to keep in mind. We also should consider the width of the eyes. The width of the head, from ear to ear, generally measures the same length of five "eyes". This means that if we want to draw the eyes with accurate proportions, then we need to draw them so that they match this approximate measurement. How to draw a face - step - 5 - Draw the eyes In this lesson, we're focusing only on drawing the face but if you want more instruction on drawing eyes, take a look at these lessons... How to Draw Eyes with Pencil How to Draw an Eye with Colored Pencils How to Paint an Eye with Pastels Step 6 - Locate and Draw the Nose Moving down the face, we'll next draw the nose. The bottom of the nose can be found on the bottom line of the square that we drew in step two. The width of the nose varies from person to person, but is generally as wide as the inside corners of the eyes. It may be helpful to draw two light lines down from the inside corners of the eyes to help you find the width of the nose. How to draw a face from the front - step - 6 - Locate and draw the nose Need a little help with drawing a nose? Take a look at these lessons... How to Draw a Nose with Pencil How to Draw a Nose with Colored Pencils Step 7 - Locate and Draw the Mouth We find the mouth slightly higher than half-way between the bottom of the nose and the chin. Of course, this measurement varies from person to person. We can draw a line to mark the positioning of the mouth. We can use the eyes to help us determine the width of the mouth. The corners of the mouth generally align with the inside edges of the pupils. It may be helpful to draw light lines from the pupils to the "mouth line".