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Good 2023-11-30

yashvanth sj

good course 2023-11-25

B. A. Dharankumar

Good & useful 2023-11-19


Amazing course 2023-11-10

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Course Description

What is Pusher used for? Pusher is a hosted service that makes it super-easy to add real-time data and functionality to web and mobile applications. Pusher sits as a real-time layer between your servers and your clients. ... NET, Go and Node on the server and JavaScript, Objective-C (iOS) and Java (Android) on the client. Is node JS losing popularity? At first, you will find Golang will look like a perfect solution for your web application development. This is just because of its popularity among the developers. On the other hand, Node. js is not losing the battle of popularity it is also gaining a lot of popularity. Who uses pusher? 173 companies reportedly use Pusher in their tech stacks, including Accenture, Mollie, and Product Hunt. Accenture. Mollie. Product Hunt. Groupon.com. Frontend. Better. Mailchimp. Aircall. How does a pusher work? Pusher works as a real-time communication layer between the server and the client. It maintains persistent connections at the client using WebSockets, as and when new data is added to your server. If a server wants to push new data to clients, they can do it instantly using Pusher. Is pusher a Websocket? Pusher Channels is a hosted WebSockets solution for building powerful realtime interactive apps. We've solved complex realtime infrastructure so you don't have to. Whether you have 5 concurrent connections or 1 million, our infrastructure scales with you. Do big companies use node JS? js is a platform many skilled web developers are using today to amp up their back-end development while still using the same tried-and-true language – JavaScript. In fact, Node. js is so popular, quite a few major business enterprises are well-acquainted with the software.