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Learning to make Sushi | Gordon Ramsay

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the videos were great but some had repetition so it made the learning process slow and they were very short 2023-11-21

Vaishali Vispute

exellent 2023-11-21

Νικολαος Μιρζογιαν

good starter 2023-11-15

Mary Ann Sheleilla T. Moreno

an awesome way to have a certificate. 2023-11-06

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Course Description

9 Kitchen Hacks That Actually Work 1 - Removing an eggshell fragment. ... 2 - Use a spoon to skin a kiwi. ... 3 - Hands-free pouring. ... 4 - Neatly line a pan with parchment paper. ... 5 - Quickly soften butter. ... 6 - Bring eggs to room temperature quickly. ... 7 - Easily remove pomegranate seeds. ... 8 - Evenly portion muffin batter.What are kitchen safety rules? Top 10 Kitchen Safety Do's and Don'ts Wear shoes. Learn how to extinguish a fire. Learn how to use knives. Wear safe clothing. Prevent burns. Always wash your hands. Always stir and lift away from you. Don't set a hot glass dish on a wet or cold surface..How can I make my kitchen work easier? Try and add an eating area somewhere in your space, whether it's bar stools along some of the work surface area, an island unit, or a dining table in the middle of the room – this will make the room more sociable and easier to help with homework/chat to your partner/friends etc…. when cooking.