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Handling Large Scale Unit Level Data Using STATA

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Computer Science

Lessons no : 41

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Lessons | 41
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7 Reviews

Shridevi Shivappa Kadapatti

Superb 2024-01-07


i am happy to get nice knowledge 2023-12-06

Yabets Debebe

tanks for all 2023-11-03

Neeraj Kumar

I enjoined all seasons with proper guidance and details. it is the platform for all students for beginning. 2023-07-22

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Free Handling Large Scale Unit Level Data Using STATA tutorial, Course layout WEEK 1: Familiarization with Unit Level Data Introduction to Data Introduction to Unit Level Data Understanding Unit Level Data: NSS Understanding Unit Level Data: IHDS Understanding Unit Level Data: NFHS WEEK 2: Collection of Unit Level data Review of Sample Techniques Review of Sample Techniques-II Sample size Sample Size Determination Sample size Determination- II WEEK 3: Getting Started With STATA Introduction to Stata Exploring Data in Stata Managing Data in Stata-I Managing Data in Stata-II Managing Data in Stata-III WEEK 4: Prerequisites of Unit level Data Questionnaire Design Tabulation and Creation of New Variables in STATA-I Tabulation and Creation of New Variables in STATA-II Tabulation and Creation of New Variables in STATA-III Variable and Value labels WEEK 5: Hand Holding of Unit Level Data Extraction in STATA-I Extraction in STATA-II Combining Datasets in STATA-I Combining Datasets in STATA-II Review of Commands WEEK 6: Analysis of Unit level Data Factor Analysis with Stata- I Factor Analysis with Stata- II Linear Regression Analysis in Stata-I Linear Regression Analysis in Stata-II Linear Regression Analysis in Stata-III WEEK 7: Analysis of Qualitative Variables Introduction to Qualitative Variables Binary Choice Model -I Binary Choice Model -II Binary Choice Model -III Binary Choice Model -IV WEEK 8: Analysis of Unit level Longitudinal Data Introduction of Panel Data Panel Data Models Pooled Cross Sectional Data Construction of Panel Data Analysis of Panel Data in Stata