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Marc Painter

Very good thanks. 2022-08-08

Wegderes Barega

This is a great experience, thank you 2022-06-19


Very interesting and educative 2022-06-13

Milton Henschel K.A Ewusi

I am very excited having this course. It will help me in my career development. Thank you 2022-05-28

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Free Mastering Microsoft Power BI tutorial, Design, create and manage robust Power BI solutions to gain meaningful business insightsKey FeaturesMaster all the dashboarding and reporting features of Microsoft Power BICombine data from multiple.Is Microsoft Power BI easy to learn? It is designed to be simple and easy to learn while exposing the power and flexibility of tabular models. In a way, you could compare it with Excel formulas on steroids. Using DAX will truly unleash the capabilities of Power BI. Power BI Developer Skills Candidates should be from a computer science background and should have ample work experience in a similar field. They should have 4+ years of experience in data warehousing projects, data preparation, and data gateways.