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Web Design UI UX Fundamentals

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Graphic Design

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Lessons | 12

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71 Reviews

Revanth AS

very easy to complete 2024-05-07

Jaanu M.R

Really helpful for students to learn new skills. Thank you 2024-04-01

Aman Singh

Nice explanation to understand the ui and ux designs 2024-03-30

Jyothsna M

GOOD 2024-03-27

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Free Web Design UI UX Fundamentals tutorial, What is User Experience (UX)? User Experience design is often inferred to the digital industry as UX for sure. Why not UE? Well, I don’t know! You need to X just sound to the core. At the moment, there seems to be a lot of confusion regarding the difference between UX and UI. Surprisingly, many companies that hire designers don’t even know the difference. This is why I want to tackle after confusing this subject first. User Experience, in my opinion, is the design to be followed, to begin with, the design cycle/process. You know what, every business at its core solves a problem in your customers or users come to you because you're for the best solutions. To understand this problem there are various techniques a UX designer can easily use. This is all a part of the research face and user-centered design process. Now, there’s no need to worry if you haven’t heard about this problem because I will explain in detail this method during this course in this tutorial/section. All you need is to know, for now, is that there are four-stage cycle designers use for solving actual problems for users to input their needs. The user-centered design process (UCD) helps you to solve problems. Once this initial process is complete, the UI designer now as a deep understanding of the problem users are trying to solve. No design works happen so far just research techniques such as services, customer personas, and many others. Below, I am gonna quickly mention UCD in detail so that the designer ain't face any problem while working on the websites