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What are the three main areas of bioengineering? Terms in this set (39) What are the three main areas of Bioengineering? biological, agricultural, and biomedical engineering. What are the five fields of study in Bioengineering? cell theory, evolution, genetics, homeostasis, energy. Cell theory. ... Evolution. ... Genetics. ... Homeostasis. ... Energy. ... Natural selection.Bioengineers and biomedical engineers typically do the following: Design equipment and devices, such as artificial internal organs, replacements for body parts, and machines for diagnosing medical problems. Install, maintain, or provide technical support for biomedical equipment.Biomedical engineering courses include the study of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Life sciences, Material Sciences and Bio-Mechanics. Candidates can pursue the following biomedical engineering courses at degree, diploma and doctoral levels.Biomedical engineering major careers and jobs Software and hardware engineering. Medical device industry. Innovative design and development. Research and development. Manufacturing. Equipment testing and field servicing. Clinical patient evaluation. Technical documentation.