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Very pleasant and understanding lectures 2022-08-21

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Free Practice Chinese HSK Level 2 tutorial, Does HSK 2 have pinyin? HSK 2 requires a vocabulary of 300 words (150 HSK 1 + 150 HSK 2) and still mainly targets beginners. Like HSK 1, HSK level 2 also only has listening and reading parts (no writing) and shows Pinyin along with the characters.Which HSK level should I take? If you're taking the HSK test for employment purposes, it's wise to skip the low-level HSK tests (1-3) and aim for higher levels (4-6). For the certificate to work, it's common to aim for the highest levels: Level 5 or 6.Is HSK 4 an intermediate? The HSK (Chinese proficiency test) consists of two parts: a written test and an oral test. ... HSK Test Levels. Written Test Oral Test HSK- Level 1 HSK (Elementary) HSK- Level 2 HSK- Level 3 HSK (Intermediate) HSK- Level 4