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Kotlin Course for Beginners and Java Devs

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Mobile Development

Lessons no : 25

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Lessons | 25

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40 Reviews

Saurabh P. Vishwakarma

Hariom, Very well explained. Neat and Clean illustration. Appreciate for your efforts. 2023-12-06

Sk.shaguftaa naaz

Better 2023-11-16

Alexander Abarca

Very nice course!! 2023-11-09

Adesh mishra

Better 2023-11-09

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Free Kotlin Course for Beginners and Java Devs tutorial, Is kotlin easy to learn? Learning Kotlin is easy if you know any of these programming languages. It is particularly easy to learn if you know Java. Kotlin is developed by JetBrains, a company renowned for creating development tools for professionals. ... You can choose any Java IDE or build it from the command line.Is kotlin hard to learn? i don't know your capability or level but in general Kotlin is a very easy language. I've found exercism to be really helpful. It's a series of practical practice problems that you can try to solve in any language. I found it a bit more intuitive and user friendly than kotlin koans.Is kotlin worth learning 2020? Kotlin is an easy-to-learn, open-source language which runs on Java Virtual Machine. ... As one of the fastest growing programming languages in recent years, Kotlin is a very wise choice for programmers and Android app developers to learn in 2020.Should I learn Kotlin or Java 2020? As most businesses move to Kotlin, Google is bound to promote this language more than Java. Hence, Kotlin has a strong future in the Android app development ecosystem. ... Therefore, it's a must-learn language for programmers and Android app developers in 2020.Can I learn Kotlin without knowing Java? You don't have to know Java before jumping into Kotlin. ... In order to understand examples or source code written in Java, you'll find yourself learning some Java. At some point you may decide to do a deep-dive on Java to expand your knowledge of it, but you don't have to start with Java first