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4 Reviews

Omar Mohammed Ahmed Abdulgaleel

Very helpful 2022-09-07

Mubarik Abdirashid Ismail

Your Educational platform is reliable and valid. 2022-06-10

sandy Karim

Now I became knowing how to talk about my free time 2022-06-09

Montasir Mohammed Bushra Ibrahim

Now I became knowing how to talk about my free time, and also describe my self. 2022-01-14

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Free English Convesation Speaking tutorial, Real English Conversations is an e-learning website for English learners from all around the world looking for better ways to learn English and develop skills that can be used in the real world for work, travel or study. Our lessons are based on natural English conversations between Amy and Curtis where they discuss different topics related to interests and experiences they have. They speak in American English with a neutral American accent that is easy for most students to understand. All lessons are supported with either subtitled videos or audio transcriptions to help students with listening problems to learn new vocabulary, phrases, and expressions. Additionally, listening skills can be improved and developed with the support of the transcription and techniques to identify where the problems are occurring with their listening. Our training has extended to offer speaking courses that are designed for students for one reason or another are unable to participate in conversations with native English speakers, attend classes or buy private lessons. The recommended activities in our courses help students to speak in a way that connects the knowledge they already have and shows them how to use what they know while speaking. Challenging exercises help our students to identify the areas of their English where they are missing vocabulary and the reasons why they continue to struggle with fluency. LinkedIn