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Free Italian Pronunciation Basic Rules tutorial, Is it possible to pronounce an Italian word correctly? Italian is completely phonetic. This means that once you learn the rules, you can correctly pronounce ANY Italian word you see written down, even if you’ve never heard it spoken before! This article will teach you the rules of Italian pronunciation, so you can get started speaking with confidence right away. What's the correct pronunciation of the letter G in Italian? (For example, c asa, passare) Z and ZZ- When used singular, it can be silent, as in Dizionario, but when doubled in Pizza it can sound more like a T. G- If G appears before the letters A, O, or U, it has a hard sound like Grande, but if it precedes E or I, like in Gelato, it has a soft and gentle sound. How to pronounce the word SC in Italian? When followed by an ‘e’ or an ‘i’, ‘sc’ is pronounced the way we pronounce ‘sh’ in English. You will likely find that Italian pronunciation is much simpler than you first expected. As with any other skill, practice makes perfect. The more often you attempt to speak in Italian, the more quickly you will master the pronunciation