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Travel English

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8 Reviews

rouhullah ahmadi

It was great course 2024-01-14

agus budiarte

impressive 2023-12-28

Giulia Benedetti

a little bit boring 2023-10-03

Arif Panto

You have to try this. Easy to learn. 2023-08-31

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Free Travel English tutorial, What is Travel English? to go from one place to another, as by car, train, plane, or ship; take a trip; journey: to travel for pleasure. to move or go from one place or point to another. to proceed or advance in any way. to go from place to place as a representative of a business firm. to associate or consort: He travels in a wealthy crowd. Active Job Searching Activities Utilize Job Placement Programs. Perhaps the most direct route to successfully teaching English abroad is through a TEFL certification that includes a job placement program. ... Use A Recruiter. ... Enlist in Government Programs. ... Find a Job Independently. ... Network via Social Networks. Questions you might need to ask (and answers you might hear!) Where is the check-in counter for British Airways? It’s in the other terminal over the road. It’s on the right just opposite the Starbucks. Am I in the right queue? No, this is for customers with priority boarding. Yes, you’re in the right place. Do you accept payment in Euros? Yes, but there’s a 12% fee on top of the exchange rate. No, sorry about that. We accept credit cards though! Where is the currency exchange? There’s a booth right next to the front entrance. There’s an ATM on the other side of security. Will I be allowed to take this on the plane? No, I’m afraid you’ll have to empty the container or throw it away. Yes, that should be fine as long as it’s in your checked baggage. Yes, that should be alright! Do you have any more information on why my flight has been delayed? No, sorry, I can’t comment on that. There will be more information on the boards when it comes in. There are some minor Air Traffic Control issues today. There are adverse weather conditions on the flight journey, because of a storm over the Atlantic ocean. Is there a shuttle bus that runs between terminals? Yes, you will need to go to the end of this terminal and down the escalators to find it. No, but there’s a train between terminals 2 and 5. Just follow the signs. No, but it won’t take long to walk. How long will it take me to get to the gate? About thirty minutes. I would start walking soon if I were you! It’s a five or ten-minute walk. How much time should I allow to get through security? At least an hour. It’s busy today. About half an hour. Where is the gate? Where is the departure lounge? Just around the corner, on the right. Keep walking straight through this terminal. It’s near the toilets. Excuse me, where is the baggage claim area? Just follow the signs to the exit. When are the bags arriving for the flight from Malaga? It should be less than half an hour now. I don’t know, I will check with another member of staff. I can’t see my suitcase on the conveyor belt! Is it lost? Not all of the suitcases from your flight are out yet. It is probably still onboard the plane. I’m very sorry to hear that. Come and speak to a colleague of mine, please. Can I request an aisle seat, please? Of course, you can change seats for an extra $15. No, I’m afraid all of the seats are booked up. When is the final boarding call? In ten minutes! Where is the taxi rank/coach stop/bus stop? Questions you might be asked (and answers you might give!) Is anybody else traveling with you today? Yes, my wife is with me. No, it’s just me. What’s the purpose of your trip? I’m visiting Kiev on business. I am a journalist. I’m going on holiday for a few weeks. May I see your boarding pass and passport? Sure, here you go. How many pieces of luggage are you checking in today? None, I only have hand luggage. Two: my suitcase and these golf clubs. Do you have a carry-on? Yes, here it is. Did you pack your suitcase yourself? Yes. Have you left your luggage unattended at the airport? No. Do you have any flammable materials, firearms or perishable food items? No. Oh whoops! I did pack some bananas. I can take them out now if they are banned. Could you take your laptop out of its case and put all electrical items in a tray, please? Sure, of course. Can you take off your shoes and watch, please? Can I ask you to open your bag for me? Can you walk through the scanner, please? Is Barcelona your final destination or are you transferring on to somewhere else? It’s a connecting flight. I have to catch another flight from Barcelona to Lisbon. Barcelona is my final destination. Here is a more detailed guide on how to go through customs and passport control at the airport. Questions you might need to ask (and answers you might hear!) Do you have any food that’s suitable for vegetarians? Yes, of course, we have a cheese sandwich. Yes, a selection of crisps and biscuits are available on the on-flight menu. Can I have a bottle of water, please? Of course, here you go. Sure, that will be $4 please. Is there a complimentary meal? Yes, a trolley will be around in fifteen minutes or so. No, but there’s a selection of refreshments available for a small fee. Am I allowed to get out of my seat? Not during take-off. Wait until the red light goes off, please. Yes, go ahead. This turbulence is frightening, when will it pass? Don’t worry sir, it should only last a few more minutes. Don’t worry, it’s just a bit bumpy, it will pass soon. We don’t know, but don’t worry — it’s not unusual and you’re perfectly safe. Can you show me how to use the fan? Sure, here you go. Is the aisle seat taken? Yes, my husband is sitting there, sorry. No, do you want to swap? Could you move up one seat, please? Sure thing, let me just move my bag. Sorry, my son is sitting here. Excuse me please, I need to use the bathroom. Sure, one second. How long until touchdown? Not long now, another forty minutes or so. Three hours yet, sir. Questions you might be asked (and answers you might give!) Can you put your bag under the seat, please? Can you put your carry-on in the overhead compartment? Can you fasten your seatbelt, please? Can you fasten your tray table in the upright position for take-off? Please open your window for lift-off. Can you sit down, please? Can I get you anything to drink? Yes please! Can I have a beer? No thanks, I’m all set. Is there an extra fee for food and drink? Would you like to see our selection of gifts available on board today? Do you need to fill in an arrival card/landing card? Please wait for the green light to disembark.