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Neck Nerves

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Free Neck Nerves tutorial, Symptoms of pinched nerve in the neck include: A sharp pain in the arm. Pain in the shoulder. A feeling of numbness or pins and needles in the arm. Weakness of the arm. Worsening pain when you move your neck or turn your head. What nerves are in your neck? C1, C2, and C3 (the first three cervical nerves) help control the head and neck, including movements forward, backward, and to the sides. The C2 dermatome handles sensation for the upper part of the head, and the C3 dermatome covers the side of the face and back of the head. What causes irritated neck nerves? ‪Neck Nerves‬‏ Cervical radiculopathy is often caused by "wear and tear" changes that occur in the spine as we age, such as arthritis. In younger people, it is most often caused by a sudden injury that results in a herniated disk. Can nerve damage in neck be repaired? Can it be cured? Although there are several very good nonsurgical and surgical treatment options available to relieve the symptoms of cervical myelopathy and radiculopathy, there is no cure, per se, for the degenerative changes in the cervical spine that caused the symptoms. What nerve goes from neck to head? Much of the feeling in the back and top of the head is transmitted to the brain by the two occipital nerves, which emerge from the spine in the upper neck and travel to the top of the head.