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How do you make decision? The seven-step strategy is: Investigate the situation in detail. Create a constructive environment. Generate good alternatives. Explore your options. Select the best solution. Evaluate your plan. Communicate your decision, and take action.What is a good decision making? A good decision-maker chooses actions that give the best outcome for themselves and others. ... They make decisions rationally, after researching alternatives and understanding the consequences. Good decision-makers involve others when appropriate and use knowledge, data and opinions to shape their final decisions.Why is decision making important? Decision-making plays a vital role in management. ... It plays the most important role in the planning process. When the managers plan, they decide on many matters as what goals their organisation will pursue, what resources they will use, and who will perform each required task.What are the 5 decision making skills? 5 Decision Making Skills for Successful Leaders. ... Identify critical factors which will affect the outcome of a decision. ... Evaluate options accurately and establish priorities. ... Anticipate outcomes and see logical consequences. ... Navigate risk and uncertainty. ... Reason well in contexts requiring quantitative analysis.What three things should we consider when making a decision? The Three Things to Consider When Making Life Decisions Weigh the pros and cons. Make a list of what's good about the decision and what isn't. ... Listen to your gut. ... Consider the impact on others. ... Check the alignment. ... Avoid negative drivers. ... Seek advice. ... Compare the risks versus rewards. ... Three Decision Criteria.